Rick performs entertaining and enlightening music and history programs

Rick Pickren performs the very finest in music and history programs for Libraries, Seniors, Historical Societies, Schools and Museums.

Rails, Rogues and Wrecks

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"The friendly tone of Pickren's vocals 
quickly wins the listener over 
on the first cut, "Runnin' Out Of Track"
Sing Out! 
“Rails, Rogues & Wrecks is the kind of record (you can say with certainty) that ten years from now you’ll enjoy just as much as the first time you listened to it.”   
Alt Country Magazine, Benny Metten, Belgium  

 "I loved your killer version of The Hellbound Train. 
It's the best I have heard! It will be on my annual Halloween show for sure!"
Charley Engel, KPOV 106.7 FM

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